Cove House Transitional Housing.

611 Sunset

Last year, Cove House made a powerful step forward in its goal to help more people get back on their feet. Cove House purchased a large, 8-unit apartment building in Copperas Cove for the purpose of helping individuals in need of long-term housing assistance. With this emergency shelter in place, Cove House has been able to help thousands of homeless individuals through providing short-term options for them to stay in the shelter, receive food and toiletries, counseling, employment support, resources, and spiritual guidance. 

With this new facility and the new program we’re starting up, will provide housing for individuals and families for up to 18 months to truly establish themselves in this community and to provide a better life for themselves and their family.

Our goal for this year is to pay off the apartment building. We started our 200 for 200 Campaign asking individuals to give $200 in addition to their regular gift to help up pay off this apartment. If 200 people will give, then our debt will be gone!  

God is working in powerful ways here at Cove House and we are blessed to see what God will be doing with this new program and the lives that we’ll be able to touch through it. Please consider how you can get involved in this work with us and please keep Cove House in your prayers as we work to move forward and always improve to serve those in need, empower our neighbor, all for the glory of God! 

Transitional Housing Program