Emergency Homeless Shelter

Emergency Homeless ShelterCove House maintains four housing facilities that are used to provide emergency shelter for those in need. We have a men’s home, a women’s home, and two family homes. As a general rule, individuals and families may stay in the facilities for a two week period. During that period, they are expected to make a strong effort to get their own independent housing and employment (if needed).

While at the facility, individuals will have all of their food and hygiene needs met. They may take advantage of the housing accommodations, our laundry appliances, and playground. We want the residents of Cove House to find a safe and secure environment as they seek to regain their independence and self sufficiency.

Cove House is a strong believer in empowerment over short-term welfare. We want to assist those in need of shelter to be self-sufficient and to provide them with the tools necessary for them to move out of their impoverished situation. We do not want to simply give an individual or family a temporary service and do nothing to keep them from falling back into the conditions they are seeking relief from. 

Requirements for residents:

  1. Applicants must be willing to comply with all of the shelter’s rules and policies.
  2. Applicants for residency must provide two forms of identification. One being a valid, state issued, unexpired picture ID such as a  Driver’s License or ID Card. The other may be a birth certificate, Social Security Card or military ID. All applicants must go to the Copperas Cove Police Station and request a Wants and Warrant Check.
  3. All residents are accepted on a space available basis.