Cove House’s Volunteer Rules


Cove House is a Christian ministry aimed at serving others the way Christ would have served. We strive to begin each day with prayers and glorify Christ in the way that we conduct ourselves through word and deed. We do not tolerate foul language or inappropriate conversations.

Volunteers are not allowed to pursue a relationship or date individuals who are living at Cove House as residents.

The designated smoking area is outside, behind the office by the dumpster. Please do not throw used cigarette butts on the ground.

Cove House volunteers have the right to be treated as co-workers and not simply as “free help”. As such, volunteers are expected to conduct themselves as professionals and to treat everyone who comes to Cove House (both staff and clients) with respect and courtesy.

Dress Code

Cove House requires that all employees and volunteers dress in a neat, clean and professional manner. At all times tank tops, open toe shoes, and clothing with drug references, foul language, and messages that are contrary to our Christian beliefs and values are not permitted.


Health Requirements

It is the policy of the Cove House that all volunteers not come to volunteer sick.

Please let staff know about any communicable diseases that may pose a risk to others. Be sure to wash your hands (20 seconds with soap and water) when coming on duty; after removing gloves; after using the restroom; before handling food,  after blowing nose, sneezing, coughing; before going home.  There is never a wrong time for handwashing.

If you have a communicable process (e.g. sore throat and fever; open, weeping sore; diarrhea) you should stay home.