Statement of Confidentiality

Cove House Emergency Homeless Shelter, Inc. provides a service and ministers to homeless and in need individuals within this community. We must treat each resident and client with confidentiality and respect for their privacy. As we handle the identity and information of our residents and clients, we must be extremely careful not to violate their confidence. 

  • Never discuss a client’s problems with other agencies, physicians, etc., without her prior consent (in writing) to do so. 

  • Never leave a client’s file open in view of others. The files should be kept closed – its contents out of sight to clients or visitors/friends when they walk in the door.  

  • Too many confidences are violated in the name of concern to church members, family members, or prayer groups. (The Cove House Prayer Team never uses a client’s name and always keeps requests very general so as not to betray a client’s confidentiality.)       

  • Occasionally someone will call asking if “Marty Williams” is one of our clients or if he has been to our facility lately. By no means should you ever give out such information. If the caller needs to get in touch with this individual, you may suggest that they contact the local Police Department and file a missing person report or offer to take a message and pass it along to the individual IF they should come in. 

  • Never talk about a client or resident in front of other guests and clients. If others are around, go into the Director’s Office or the Intake Office, close the door, and speak softly. 

  • NEVER discuss personal information regarding a client with anyone else other than the Executive Director or On-Site Manager. 

  • When making appointments on the phone, make a habit of NOT repeating the client’s name, phone number, and other information out loud. You may be overheard in the waiting room. 

  • Always keep in mind: If you were the resident or client would you want to have your trust betrayed? 

We as Cove House Staff and Volunteers have made a promise of confidentiality to each individual with whom we assist.